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UDC Wallet is a protocol that unifies leading protocols and blockchain infrastructure by standardising communication between them in order to create and execute complex financial transactions, while championing Confidentiality, Anonymity and Liberty.
UDC Wallet is a distributed network consisting of a blockchain ledger, native cryptocurrency robust ecosystem of on-chain applications and services.
UDC Wallet, The Secure Payment Method of the Future

UDC Wallet

A Bit About Us

The technology that UDC Wallet (UDC) aims to bring is one of the most powerful and secure payment methods in the Blockchain network in terms of security, privacy and transparency of payments that can be directly transferred between people who have an address on the Blockchain. As a project, our aim is to make it possible to make payments and data transfers fast, low-cost and without intermediaries by providing direct communication between people. UDC Wallet will provide a technology that will directly affect the methods of payment that will take place between individuals in a developing and changing world, and speed up data transfers by reducing unnecessary processes. Just as the internet emerged in the 90s and has become widespread today, directly affecting all kinds of payment activities, this project that we built upon the Blockchain technology aims to implement payment and data transmission methods in à decentralized, secure, anonymous way by including all the sectors that require transfer of any kind of data or non-physical assets in the future. UDC Wallet has been designed in such a way that it can constantly update itself by constantly following the latest technologies on the Blockchain and adapt to new technologies that will emerge with the Blockchain. In this way, you will be able to continue to use UDC Wallet’s technology, which we are presenting to you as a result of long periods of research, for many years without any problems, in the fastest and most advantageous and secure way.

We Care

Past research has shown that worldwide electricity spent mining Bitcoin causes 63 megatons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions annually. Some scientists even claimed that cryptocurrencies alone can increase global warming by 2 degrees Celsius

We Work

UDC Wallet will provide a connection between UDC token and UDC Coin, and will implement a technology that will protect the nature with low carbon technology, while at the same time, it will make the fastest transfer between networks with a low fee.

We Take Action

In addition to all our technological work, as UDC, we will provide support to organizations struggling with global environmental problems.

UDC Wallet
We Work for Confidentiality, Anonymity and Liberty

UDC serves as a future-proof middleware that enables enterprise system to interact with smart contracts on any public or private blockchain network that exists today or in the future.



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UDC Wallet

“Announcing the launch of UDC Wallet – the powerful and secure payment method of the future”

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UDC Wallet

“UDC wallet launched on the eco-friendly UDC Coin, supports governments’ efforts on climate change”

UDC Wallet

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UDC Wallet

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UDC Wallet

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UDC Wallet

“UDCwallet (UDC) lists in CoinTiger and 4 other CEXes as market cap soars to over $24 Million”

UDC Wallet

“UDC Wallet Protocol: The new frontier in global financial transactions”


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